All the swedes

Had a great time with the swedes last night for Erics bday. At Lisas of course because swede food is the best food. Its funny with this crew, ive known them for like 8 years now and to them im kind of the one who got away and hang with non swedes. The rest pretty much live on the same street in Fulham and mostly hang with each other.

Love seeing them though and cheers Eric for making sure i hang at least once a year.

The old Ifield crew. Cant believe we were just kids then. Now Robin has a kid, im engaged and well Eric has a girlfriend (and trust me, thats big for Eric).

Ha, the best picture of KF nand Martin. KF is headed back to Sweden in the new year and it seems like a lot of them are being transferred since they all work banking and Brexit means all the banks are moving.

Damn you Brexit.

A table of meatballs and one poor non swede eating quinoa. Poor choice man.

After a couple of drinks, some dancing and a lot of catching up me and my man decided to go home around midnight. I was pretty tipsy after my snaps drinking but actually feel ok today. Good thing since im seeing Sanna and Peter tonight.

And then i get to rest….#old

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