Happy hump day

Back in London after my trip to Paris. I just struggle with Paris man. I also came down with a cold so on Monday night I went straight to bed when everyone else went for drinks. Yes, this is who i am now #proud.

Have another busy week coming up. Dinner with Maggie tomorrow, dinner with a group of swede girls on Friday, Christmas fair and an engagement party on Saturday. Yes, its coming up to busy December times and it will be all fun and games until Christmas (bless my tiny little heart). Every week looks like this ahead *putting my party face on and hoping to survive*.

In other news, all my Christmas gifts are done and dusted (high five myself). And yeah i know i shouldnt buy this much stuff but i just LOVE giving them gifts. At least half of them are personalised or bought from small designers (pretending that i didnt go to primark for Agnes and Nisse).

Since i have taken zero photos here are some funny things i found on the internetz

Heh. How i feel sometimes when i talk to my parents. At least they get the ‘im boss woman over 50 people’ thing.

Yes! (Basically its says that you get provoked by people who dont drink coffee or beer, like did you even try to be accepted). Feel that after my years with Oliver. He didnt even drink fizzy drinks.


That me.

Love millenials.

Thats it from me folks. See you later alligators.

You choose your own family

But the weekend wasnt over after a night of fun and games. Waking up a tad ‘trott i ogat’ (tired in the eye) we were on a mission. Sis needed to go to Camden to exchange a gift at this small London brand. And i needed to spend as much time with her as possible so off we went.

These two <3. Coolest cats in town. Love how matchy matchy they look. My family’s got swag.

Camden! Filled to the brim with people, shit no one needs and the occasional treasure. I was hanging out of my ass and kept drifting around like a lil ghost. But, luckiest in the world i had two people to take care of me. Felt spoilt.

George was a man on a mission and bought half of Camden. So we took a little nap. Bought him a very sexy black velvet jacket with red trimming. He’ll break many hearts in that one.

Hey there sexy.

Yeah, these are MY people. Collecting the best weirdos since 1982.

When we got home i crashed and Carro and George stayed up watching a movie. I could hear them laugh together from the living room and thats love straight into the heart.

Sunday morning we woke up fresh as daisies and George told us we had to stay in bed since he was making breakfast in bed for us. So i crawled into bed with my sister and heard my man pottering away in the kitchen.

Because he is all kinds of amazing and i love him for making us matching trays of epic breakfast while we get to lay in bed and talk life together.

Sneaky Mc sneakies. This is where they are plotting the three of us getting a tattoo together.

Tough kids.

We went for a sunday lunch at Jeans and Natalia and little baby Sophie charmed everyone.

Ha, this pictur is so cock eyed in all the ways.

Hey there little angel girl.

She was kind of scared of George but also VERY fascinated.

Loved having you here and you have to come back soon. And i promise a Gotland trip next year. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Soul sisters

In Paris and fighting a cold at the moment. I blame all the fun of last week, my immune system is punishing me. Totally worth it though, parents and sister. Double whammy!

Not unhappy to see this smiley face when i came to meet her at Hsmith on Friday. I mean come on. Best sister in the world (yes, that is a  fact)

After a slow getting ready at the flat, a cup of tea followed by a GT and some cheese list we were ready to take on London.

Met with Katta at Andina for some food to line those stomachs. Its what we call a Very Good Idea.

More than ready for some action and Found.

This is us drinking water at around 9. Yes, a tad over excited about this whole night. I mean, i have my sister to myself for a whole weekend. Thats calls for all the celebrations.

We also found our brother…

Or at least his look a like in Robin. Its actually crazy how alike they are.

Ella and Giles came by to say hi. Lovely to see them. Poor guys were not really on our level so they snuck out after a couple of tequila shots. Good skills.

Hanging a bit with my man.

My sister and i went for the double trouble approach with high heels, hair and lips. Ha, the poor boys were seriously confused. Both about us looking the same but mostly about us being THAT tall.

Love it when my people have an awesome time together.

Yeah, everything is a bit blurry here.

Sister picture. How lucky arent i that this smart, fun, sweet and absolutely fabulous women is my sister. I totally won that one.

Hell yeah shes my sister (and yeah, i guess we do look alike :))

The after hour stupid at Found. Boys closing, girls showing off their smart.

Getting my hair done by a super sober big sis. Yes, totally had a little moment. Never really had a mum or big sis to do my hair so might have been crying a little bit inside. with joy of course. I also looked totally hot.

Im going to end this here with this amazing photo from the best night.

Beyond words having her here, showing her my life and dancing together. We might not have grown up together but damn, she’s my sis at heart.

Showing off our life

Another lovely night in London with the family. Mum and dad came by to see the flat for the first time bringing gifts of hard bread and a pillow with an old motive of a unicorn. Love it, unicorn with class. Like me.

A glass of wine and some crisps make everyone happy (well, a GT for me)

George showing mum how the coconut lamp he gave me last Christmas works.

Dad got to write in our guest book. Loved looking through our old ones as a kid so very happy to have one in our flat.

Me and daddy long legs.

Ha. Apparently we are having all the fun together.

Dinner at the Havelock.

Love our local. We had some delicious food and more drinks and lots of good talks.

Dad and his awesome beer glass. He was very happy about getting something that looked like something for a kid. So my dad, always a love for the silly in life.

Tonight my sister is here, beyond excited for that. Might need a nap after my days with the parents 🙂

They are finally here!

Parents finally in town! So nice to have them back. Of course we met up at the Hilton hotel for a drink first. Traditions. If youve done something for the last 8 years it needs to keep going.

Dad trying to work out the internet. Living in the 10s daddy.

Me and mum. First thing she said was that my hair is too long. Hah, told my colleagues earlier thats what she would say. Nothing if not predictable. Wearing my kilt and trying to look smart for the parents.

Then we left for the theatre. I had bought us tickets to see Don Quixote at the Garrick theatre. I tried to find something were they both knew the story, that was fun and something my mum havent already seen. Not easy im telling you.

George joined us and we were all ready to be vowed.

Beautiful ceiling in the theatre. I love these old theatres.

George looked very smart in his tie and jacket.

The play was amazing. Really funny, smart and interactive. They made the story about the Knight of the sad countenance into a both fun but also kind of sad story. Exactly like the book. Definitely worth seeing and not like all the other musicals out there.

After the play we went to Mimis for a drink. Adrien treated us to delicious cocktails before we decided its a day tomorrow as well and headed home.

Tonigth dinner at Havelock and a drink at ours.

Aquavit and food coma

Yesterday George and me went on a date night. We are making sure to do that from time to time at the moment to focus on nice things and get out of the house. And remember that life is still bloody fantastic even if I just realise i didnt get pregnant this month either.

That is what it is and the world keeps spinning out there so somethimes you need to go out and grab the world by the balls with your beautiful man by your side.

We started at the launch of Aquavits new menu. Never knew that snaps can make such delicious cocktails until i started going here and drinking Jays lovely cocktails.

This is the chanterelle which was amazing but a little too sherry for my taste. However, the ‘Where’s Mary’, a clarified Bloody Mary, was one of the best drinks ive ever had.

Here he is, the genius himself.

After a couple of tastings we went to Hawksmoor for dinner. Shaky Petes of course. We were both wearing date night clothes and ended up ordering waaaaayyyy too much food.

This sad face is because after we asked for a doggy bag and was about to die they surprised us with a sticky toffee pudding and more drinks. I put myself in another focused eating frenzy to get some down before the absolute fullness hit me.

Then it did and there was zero, zilch, nada space left in my stomach. Our date ended with us moaning our way home on the tube.

Mission accomplished.

But first, a picture of the pretty Christmas lights this year and George looking like an angel.

Such a nice night and needed with some us time and focus on good things.

All i want for Christmas

Hey, i know. It IS early to start talking Christmas but i have (of course) already bought pretty much all my gifts and are now excitedly thinking that doesnt people need at least 2 gifts…

But, like every year i find it a lot harder to figure out what i want myself. I know, i suck like that. But i have a couple of things i dream of so ill put them here and maybe Santa will make my dreams come true.

I do dream of a new Fitbit. Mostly since my old one is so big and i want to use my watch again and i use this all the time so keep using my old, clunky one. This one can go with a watch. Clever huh.


Prettier, but also for my wrist, is this amazing bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter. Would love to look tough but also sweet in this one.


Or what about these gorgeous earrings from the same brand.

Less fancy but no less important is a rain jacket. I have one from HM but its quite flimsy and since this is something that is in every dog owners wardrobe im wishing for a new one. Something in a dark colour and quite sturdy.

Like this one from Rains

On the same practical but boring is a pair of classical, checked PJs. Something like this

Pyjama shirt and bottoms - Red/White checked - Ladies | H&M GB 2

Or like this

Cotton pyjama bottoms - White/Light blue striped - | H&M GB 2

You get the drill 🙂

Im also looking for some new cushions to our sofa. The downside with having a dog is that he jumps on everything so no matter how many times you wash it, you need something new at one point.

HM Home have a couple of nice ones. These are the covers but thats fine since i have the cushions…

Slub cotton cushion cover - White/Patterned - Home All | H&M GB 2       Patterned cotton cushion cover - Natural white/Feathers - Home All | H&M GB 2     Cotton velvet cushion cover - Dark green - Home All | H&M GB 1  Christmas-print cushion cover - Natural white/Pine needles - | H&M GB 1      Slub weave cushion cover - Grey/Cranes - Home All | H&M GB 1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Mittens, because when is mittens not good. Especially these cashmere ones from Other Stories


Or a pretty green velvet dress from the same brand


This is all i can think of right now. But also, i love whatever someone wants to give me.  That is kind of how Christmas works for me.



Dream art

George and me are going on a date night tonight. We are going to Hawksmoor for steak and shaky pete’s. Dream. I like that we are really good at going out and doing things together. Needed in these times to remember to have fun.

Ella told me i seem to hold together well and I guess i am. I mean, im sad at times but im not letting it consume me the way ive done when im depressed. Im just dealing.

Yesterday i was making Christmas gifts for our bookclub. This is a little teaser of what is to come.

Yes, i know. i DO have a Christmas problem but i love it and dont taking away anything i love this year. I live on doing things that make me happy.

Finally put up my prints from Bellas exhibition. Love them. This one reminds me of my forest at home and walking around there feeling summer chic (like im ever chic at the country house…)

It was for a series on dreams. And they do have that dreamy quality to them.

And the second one. This is depression for me. The open faced and turned away person at the same time.

Love them and think they fit our flat very well. Our weird little thrift store flat filled with knick knacks and memoribilia but so very us. Our flat is a bit small and there is stuff that dont fit everywhere but i love it. Its ours and we are very happy here.

Journey to the underworld

A weekend of highs and lows. I was feeling sad on Saturday and then yesterday i had my normal sunday low at the end of the night. I hate how i affect George but i dont have much fight in me at the moment. As i said to him yesterday – im just sad. Im dreaming of something that isnt happening and on some days thats harder than others.

But, lets focus on something a little bit more fun. On Saturday George took me to see Marias play in Tower Hamlets. Its an immersive food and theatre experience where you get a 4 course meal and a crazy story to go with it.

Its called Journey to the underworld

And on a journey we went. Jumping in the train to hell. This is the purgatory express. Sounds cheerful.

But everything excites this man.

Creepy writing on the window.

We got served some delicious food and all of a sudden Satans bride came to scare us half to death.


Yes, its Maria and yes, that is why she i basically running at George.

They put us in non see through goggles and made all of these weird things happening. Super scary, im not made for haunted houses and other scary things.

Robin who made friends with is acting in the Christmas show that starts in a couple of weeks. Sound more like my thing.

Smart looking couple.

After the play was over Maria came out to get some much needed hugs. George then went on to work and i went home to mini doggo. At least i let myself out for a couple of hours this weekend. Yes, im feeling fairly anti social at the moment.

Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today. Here to the best dad in the world, my quirky, funny, weird Norwegian dad.

One of my favourite memories from when I was a kid is finding my dad swearing at different inanimate objects that had somehow ‘offended’ him when he thought no one was around. Made me realise you don’t have to grow up, at least not all the way, you can keep being a kid at heart.

My dad certainly is. It’s from him I’ve got my love of silly knick knack around the house, singing stupid little tunes to myself, bad dad jokes, making stupid faces to kids and animals and always caring that little bit extra of to make someone happy with the perfect gift.

Not bad things to get from your parent.

I’ll get to see him and mum in 3 days. And finally show them our flat. With lovely new flowers from bloom and wild.

Look at these beauties.

I salvaged some flowers from the last bouquet fitting perfectly in the vase from my dad. See, I love it and use it all the time.

however, W was not impressed with my nonsense singing last night and started whining when I was singing my super hound tube to him.

You’ve got no appreciation for the arts my lil doggo.