Here we are

2018 is almost coming to its end and what a year its been. I promise ill do one of these round ups but just wanted to give you a bit of a status update. On life.

Im actually feeling ok right now. Ive accepted where we are and that there isnt much i can do but stay positive. I had a big thing about hoping to be pregnant by Christmas but well, thats not happening so instead ill just enjoy Christmas for being the best time of the year. And not being a big fat blob :). Being around family with George makes me feel like its the safest place in the world.

Everything else in my life is pretty banging. I mean, work is work but right now its calm so i rather think of my awesome guy, my cuddly dog and all my amazing friends. I mean really, there is so much good that on most days it offset the bad. And on the days it doesnt i just kind of write them off. I know we are most likely going into 2019 with some more appointments and tricky stuff so im ending 2018 with all things easy.

20 days until im back in Sweden. Feasting on Christmas ham and saffron buns.


Yes, this is totally a picture of W and me and my trousers are unbuttoned #chillgoals.

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