Happy Lucia

Back in London! Love it here, what can i say. Easy peasy going back even if i missed the Christmas party. But it was for a good cause, date night for Katta and me. Yes, you need to date your friends as well, those relationships needs to be maintained too.

We had swede dinner followed by Lucia at the swedish church planned. That is the dream!

Started off at the Harcourt where i had dill drinks waiting for Katta. Dinner was halibut with cucumber. Weirdly awesome.

Then we were like giddy little school girls ready for some caroling. I love the Lucia in the swedish church tradition. St Paul is bigger but this is more swedish somehow.

The church was filled to the brim even if it was only the 6th. Not easy getting tickets here.

Love this. Almost shed a little tear.

It was so quiet you could here a needle drop. There is something about expat traditions that means they become even more important.

Ending the night with Lussekatt. Ran into Clara, a family friend of my sisters, and couldnt for my life figure out how and who it was. I thought i was here but thought she was in sweden, not handing out cakes at the swedish church in London so my brain couldnt compute. Sorry Clara for being confused and useless.

Except for being a useless person it was a lovely night and im really feeling the christmas this year for those of you who missed that.

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