Happy almost three years

Yesterday it was 3 years since George and I first met. Well, saw each other, said hi and nothing more happened.

I was broken armed and still figuring out what I wanted from a relationship and when Jason pointed this hot, bearded guy out at the Star Wars party at pimp shuei I thought ‘hot damn’ but didn’t feel ready for anything at all.

George, being George, came up and spoke to me for a bit and I knew that I could totally fall for someone like that. So I kept my distance. I was also pretty sure he would totally play me, he was way too hot and fun to not do that.

And well, you know the rest. A couple of weeks later we ran into each other again, became FB buddies and the rest is history.

Happy three years first meeting baby.

Woolly got to celebrate as well. I mean, it brought George into his life and that deserves some serious party times.

They were playing Christmas songs at Queens Head and I was a absolutely loving it.

Came home to a movie and chill time in front of the tree. Love our flat so much right now it’s ridiculous.

Perfect day with my little family. I was a little bit sad deep down weirdly, even if I absolutely love my life. It kind of hits me at weird times, and I know it’s not easy for George when I’m like that so hopefully today I’ll be all sunshine and smiles.

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