Christmas party galore

Im in a world of hungover pain today. We had our Christmas party and lets just say that there was a lot of booze and very little food and you can probably guess the rest.

Love my team though. Got a lot of love from everyone for them. People kept telling me that my team is amazing and and everyone kept chanting Uday throughout the night. And more than one person told me its because im a great manager. Got a little teary eyed. Plus i got compliments for my dress. An overall very good night. (100% more proud of the praise of my management than my dress. Boss lady.)

We started the day with Secret Santa. Natalia as a happy little elf.

Santa clearly knows me. Boozy candy. Yum.

I gave Martin a shirt with dancing brussel sprouts on. Feel like i nailed it.

Very happy Secret Santa team. Good work crew.

Went home and got my make up going. Red lips for the win.

Drinking Henry Westons in honour of Henry. Even if he left us. Bastard.

Team drinking.

Then i took zero photos, had a great night, danced like there was no tomorrow, forgot to eat and the best time with my colleagues. Until i realised i was hammered around midnight and went home.

Really glad i had a photographer to document the end of my night. And no, im not eating from Woollys bowl.

The world os not an easy place today.

But at least Uday is a f**king hero and got us all makkie breakfast.

Rocking Christmas jumper day today. Light it up guys.

Thank god for no plans tonight. Need sofa and no alcohol bad. Especially since we are doing another Christmas party tomorrow. Bless my liver.

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