New Years resolutions

I really hate being sick. I lay here in bed surrounded by tissue paper and medicines in the midst of fever dreams about us getting evil triplets (don’t ask) bathing in my own sweat.

Nice picture I painted there right!

Thinking about New Years resolutions. Last years was to get my economy in order and I have. Managed to save a happy little buffer with plum and got my proper savings started. Nothing much but no longer in credit card debt that I started the year with.

So what this year? I have stopped smoking since 6 months back, eat fairly healthy, walk a lot and generally manage physical and mental health. I’ve also gotten better at saying no and focus on my self.

Hm. Maybe I should get involved in a charity. Give of my time and commitment. But might be a bit tricky with all the things we start of next year with.

Nah, I think my resolution will be to give myself a break. Next year will bring enough challenges to not add to that. So Cissi, next year just live.

Btw, 100 readers last week. Hello new and old faces. Sorry for my somewhat self centred musings but that’s what this place is, my way of dealing with the lemons life throws you.

You are more than welcome to this little place.

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