The first hurdle down

Ok, here goes. We had our dreaded and long awaited doctors appointment yesterday. Dreaded because the last thing they said was that were a very big chance we could never have a baby. And then left us hanging for three months. And that’s why the answer was looooong awaited.

Clever move. Because when they told us yesterday that we need ivf we rejoiced. I mean, there is a chance for that little Bulgarian/Aussie/Swedish/Norwegian monster.

So yes, due to George having both a low percentage of correctly shaped sperm and slow swimmers and me having one follicle higher up there is a very low chance for natural conception. Those slow swimming buggers have an even longer way to swim to get to the goal.

So here we are. Waiting for the fun ride of ivf. Next step is seeing a consultant and plan the treatment. NHS gives you one fresh cycle and one frozen (thank you you awesome institution) and after that we can continue private at the same clinic if it doesn’t work.

Ivf means hormone treatment for me for about 4 weeks, two of them which is daily injections (fun) and then minor surgery to remove the eggs, mix them of with the Bulgarian champions and then hope for an embryo for implantation.

And if all goes well it’ll be a baby at the end. You know, barring miscarriage and normal issues. It’s about 20% chance to get pregnant in an ivf cycle.

So there is a long way to go still. But at least we know, we have a plan and can focus rather than spending all our time wondering. Focus on the goal guys, a little baby but the end of next year!

Kind of gave it away when our form at the doctors had like a million not so fun stickers that they expected us to be coming back a lot.

Today sick in bed. Guess I crashed from everything. My fever dreams last night was interesting to say the least.

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