Two half’s make a whole

Still so sick. Long time since I was this bad. Day 4 and still rocking a fever and a very sexy chesty cough.

Add to this that George went out and brought back people to stay over and the cleaner is here this morning and I feel like I live in a frat house. 22 or 36?

But, I still have a couple of more days to recover before Sweden so hoping to be fit for fight to see everyone on Friday. And pack. And travel.

Fuck. Not feeling ready for this at all. At least tonight George and Kat will be here and we’ll do mini Christmas. I’ll have help with the woolly walks and we’ll watch elf. Perfect night.

Downside with having a doggo when you sick is that they still need to go out…

The sister rings George made me and sis were ready last night.

Mine is the thinner and my sisters the one with the two textures. It’s made up of two Cs interlinking to make a whole. Cissi and Carro being better together. Sisters <3.

Love them and love how George can see what we are and make something beautiful out of it. Sisters being whole together.

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