Happy mini Christmas

Slowly getting better. Still in bed but at least fever is gone ish and I’m feeling like I’m somewhat alive. Might even brave the outside today.

Yesterday we had our mini Christmas. Kats also sick and George is the grinch so it was a somewhat subdued celebration.

Didn’t stop me from Santa hatting it in front of the tree. Here posing with our awesome new Sydney bauble. Thanks Krastev’s!

We watched Elf and ate Turkish in true Christmas style.

Gave George two pattern jumpers and a new bottle of his favourite perfume since it’s big and bulky to travel with to Sweden,

Kat (sorry angel for this picture) got jewellery from both me and George. What happens when you shine bright like a diamond.

Me, I got this amazing book lamp that is actually a book from George. Love it.

I also got this super pretty dress all the way from Sydney. It’s absolutely perfect and I love it. Will wear it once I crawl out of this bed.

Plus the best zombie unicorn set from Kat. Will be the coolest kid on the block this summer. I mean, zombie unicorns…

After all that excitement we all got back into bed trying to kill our different ailments. Fun crew this. Today is packing day. George is off tonight and I leave tomorrow. See you soon Sweden.

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