Jetting off

Leaving for Sweden today. Cross your fingers that no one decides to fly drones over Heathrow as well!! There has been a couple of years when it’s been a near miss if I’ll get home so let’s not make 2018 the year I didn’t make it…

I’m so fucking ready for some chrimbo celebrations. Just need to beat this cold first.

Heading to Sthlm for a couple of days. Meeting my girls. Julia and Agnes tomorrow and then Sanna and Maggie tomorrow night. Feel like I need some hugs and love.

Had a little freak out the other day. Because I’m scared. I mean, I’m super happy we can get ivf but I also worry about that journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so fucking happy we have the health system we do and that we get this kind of help and that hopefully it will all turn out freaking amazing. That’s like 98% of what I feel.

But there is 2% scared ‘oh shit medication and hospitals and surgery and all that jazz’ and maybe like a smidgen of ‘but what if it doesn’t work, it’ll break our hearts’. So yeah, all I want for Christmas is for this to have a happy ending.

But first, all the Christmas partying.

Btw, here are the boys at the danish Christmas party. Gave Søren matching underwear to George. Sexy.

Love Ian’s and Åsas outfit. Skills to pay the bills.

There was a lot of games and quizzes. This is Kaspar getting loose and ready to win for our team in the lip sync battle. Yasss queen.

Playing with the gift game gifts.

Things escalated from there… Blame the kongsgaard hot apple toddy. Yummy.

What an absolute excellent night. Thanks crew for having us. We will be back…

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