Hello Stockholm

We are here. In Sweden. And it’s snowy. So amazing. Love my winter wonderland Sweden.

After a somewhat hectic flight out of London landed and got met by my hot man at the airport. Thank you baby. We went straight to Alex to pick up his keys (thank you awesome person) and then to Balzac for some food and a drink with Sanna

Hello there cutie. So happy to get a couple of hours catch up.

Ready for Sweden babes.

After some food we headed to the flat. It has the best view. All snowy and pretty and damn do I love this city. Still all snotty and a bit sicky so went straight to bed. Need to gather those juices for Christmas.

Today off on a classic sthlm round. Seeing Asrin’s parents in Kungsängen, then back to see Sanna for some wedding plans, then dinner with the girls and then maybe drinks with PP. Giddy up pony.

But, I’m missing jules because I totally missed that George had booked lunch with Asrin’s parents and I feel bad. Well, that goes with every sthlm trip.

In other news, we just booked our flights to Sydney for Bens wedding in March and then straight back into ivf. Means we get a holiday and then start the journey.

George really wanted to go and I think it’ll be good to get away and then we’ll be back mid March and can start as soon as we are ready.

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