Working from home today. Mostly because i can and i have zero meetings. But i also feel like i need to. Mental health day or whatever they call it. Not that anything is particularly bad or new. But tirying. Nothing has changed, we are still waiting and i fell drained. Plus January is not helping.

Currently we are just waiting for the doctor to call back so we can sit with the nurses and book the actual ivf treatment. Before that happens we still dont know when we start. So even if ive got my head around the beginning of April start its actually not decided or pencilled in yet. Hence the endless waiting… which i told you before has been by far the hardest thing in all of this.

Good for me i have things to keep me occupied and take my mind of less happy things.

Yesterday we met the bookclub again. It was Malin hosting and she had chosen vegan restaurant Farmacy in Notting Hill. I was waiting for the girls drinking chai with almond milk and drooling over the menu.

The book of the month was Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I never read these kinds of books so was happy that Malin chose it.

For those of you that know Hans Rosling the premises of his teachings is that world isnt as bad as we think. Overall poverty is going down, women are having less kids meaning that population will plateu at 11 billion, life quality in general is going up as well as female education and basically its a book focusing on optimism.

I needed that. In these days of climate change and Brexit i think its needed with some positive news making us feel that everything isnt gloom and doom. I personally react better to someone saying ‘if you do this it makes a difference for the better’ rather than ‘we are all screwed’.

Climate change is currently basically saying that even if you change everything we are still screwed. Hard to know what to do then. Especially when you see the worlds top leaders not caring one bit. (sorry Katta, i KNOW there are things we can do and keep trying to convince me since ill take small steps at a time)

That is one healthy drink. At least eating at a vegan restaurant is a step in the right direction. And delicious food so not unhappy about that. Thanks Malin.

My mushroom and bean tacos. All kinds of yum.

This book sparked a proper discussion. About his teachings but also about the world in general. Katta is super into sustainability and gave me food for thoughts even if i know im pretty shit.

So my 2019 sustainability list will be (sorry for still being like an infant on this stuff)

  • Buy a soda streamer since George and i drink a lot of sparkling water and go through way too many plastic bottles.
  • Kill all the lights inthe rooms we are not in.
  • Only doing laundry when we have a full load
  • Take public transport (easy since i cant drive :))
  • Cut down on plastic. Bring my own shopping bag to the store.
  • Shop less (my 2 items a month thing)
  • Eat even less meat. Im probably down to 3 times a week (from every day) but can do better.

Thats the first steps. Baby but still

These girls! Rachel had to leave due to work so if anyone is keen on joining Londons best bookclub holler!

My banana cake peanut butter nicecream dessert. Too good. I smashed that shit. I mean, its vegan and it means it needs to be healthy right?

My office today. PJs and all the candles. Heading out for dinner tonight with a former colleague and will brave the cold but until then ill be cozied up here. I love our flat so much. Even if its a bit small and will be impossible if we have a baby i love it here in our super cozy living room.

A not very happy countdown

Im really sorry but i have nothing exciting to share today. Still waiting for the doctor to call back, still dry jan and mostly sitting on the sofa. We have a countdown to Brexit at work and only 58 days until we hopefully dont crash out meaning UK will be thrown into chaos. The world need collaboration and unity, especially with the threat of climate change and general financial changes.

Personally im really worried what Brexit will mean. Not that im worried about being deported but for the work opportunities and the melting pot of cultures that i love about London. I might make no sense for us to stay if UK crash out with a no deal Brexit. But then where do we go?

Sorry to dooms day you but i have been thinking a lot about it, especially planning kids and maybe looking at buying a flat. No buying until the 29th of March at least.

We watched the Fyre festival documentary yesterday. So ridicilous. If youve seen it youll understand the pic above…finally i can join in all the jokes at work. Also, hilariously one of the guys that used to work with Fyre is now working with us. Weirdly he’s never mentioned it…

My naaaaaw face because W is just too cute. Im definitely using his cuddles to make me both warm and happy at the moment.

Amazing pattern on the cars today. All of them had the same. No snow but ‘rimfrost’ as we say in Sweden making the cars into a piece of art.

Tonight meeting the girls for Bookclub again. Yes, my favourite time a month.

Poetry in motion

This year i wrote some rhymes for Christmas. Most in swedish but some of them are in english. Enjoy my mastery…

Fotobok – ma och pa

Ni blir nog föga förvånade över denna present

Men man undrar ju vad som sen sist hänt.

Det var så jäkla varmt och sen blev det kallt

Ni kom till London, det var rätt ballt.

När minnet får en att känna sig som en tok

Då kan man behöva en (fotobok)

Mamma – Skärbräda

I köket är mamma kung

och pappa hennes slav

Enda sen hon var ung

Har köket på henne ställt många krav

Därför får hon något vackert att på saker ställa

Eller kanske skära på men absolut inte hälla.

Jag tänker mig ost och chark

På denna sak en gång rullad i bark.


Hörlurar – Jakob

Lillebror, du gillar att prata

Högt och mycket om både saker du älskar och saker att hata

Men ibland är det skönt när du är tyst

När du inte ens säger ett litet knyst

Därför får du musik till din egen värld

Så att familjen får tystnad vid sin härd


Tröja – pappa

Du har haft samma stil sen du var tolv

Knallat runt i chinos och blazer på världens alla golv.

Man vet vad man får

En man med stil i alla år

Tråkigt att traditioner böja

Därför får du ännu en …(tröja)

Fotobok – George

Since the first time we met

You’ve made me smile

No matter when my eyes on yours set

You never make me want to puke up bile

A man like that needs to be kept

Yes, you me off my feet swept

So I made this thing with all our memories

I love you all the way down to my ovaries

I know you might not get this rhyming thing

But can you guess what I’m giving you for Christmas bling?


Leather course – George

You love creating and making things

I love looking at you from the sofa when you are making your rings

I feel this is part of what makes us tick

Another side to our awesome click

So I’m giving you another chance to hone your skills

I mean, we need to pay the bills

You already know how to with silver make a feather

Now it’s time for a course in… (leather)


Ljusstake – Sandra

Du håller min brorsa i shack

Jag menar, när han kollar på dig är han aldrig lack

Så himla fint att ha dig i vår familj

Och ibland doftar du som vanilj

Ja, du är en riktigt ljusspridare

Därför för jag förra årets julklapp vidare.

Anti stress påse – Sanna

Ditt år har varit skit

Eller, mycket var ju bra men det jobbiga åt upp en stor bit.

Det är fan oklart

Så jag kom på något smart

Jag vill ge dig gåvan av att koppla ner

En påse fylld med saker för kropp och mer

Älskar dig Sunny sunshine

Med lite hjälp på vägen ska vi rocka år 2 0 1 9

Armband – Katta

Du är min devil in disguise

Min never ending partyvän med dans i benen

Du tolerar när ens hund på din säng smetar bajs

Och lagar mat, fixar, är vännen man kan lita på när man känner sig som en klen en

Jag vill dig hylla

Med något fint för din arm

Så att du alltid minns att för mig är du inte bara en fylla

Utan min bästa vän i nöden som gör mig alldeles varm.

Ring – syster

Systra mi. Allra käraste syster

Även fast jag var ett svin när jag var liten är du min favorit

Jag avundas din energi och din lyster

Och drömmer alltid om att du ska komma hit.

Du är min idol, mitt ideal, den jag drömmer om att bli

Jag menar, varför vara ett individuellt jag när vi kan vara ett vi?

Så jag tänkte se till att du aldrig kan komma undan mig bara

Två Cn tillsammans skapar en obruten cirkel, lite som en snara.

Så vart du dig än i världen vänder är jag där

Redo att steppa in, ta över och bli du när den dagen är här.

Soft dog bellies and thistles

Still havent heard from the doctor. Im trying to be zen and wait it out but its been more than a week. I think ill call and hunt them down soon. There is only that much one can be expected to wait when it comes to important things like this.

Waiting is by far the hardest thing dealing with nhs. They are awesome otherwise but gah, the waiting is killing me. Just want my answers and move on with it. Its been 7 months since that first doctors appointment and we are finally getting to the finishing line. Worth taking into consideration of you are going the nhs route.

Other than that i cant wait for a night out on Friday. Its been a while. Ive sat on the sofa even more than normally these last couple of weeks. Ready to make a return to life.

Giving that soft belly some kisses last night. How can you not love a dog? At least my dog 🙂

Threw away the drooping flowers and kept the thistles. They dry nicely and can lend a little life to the living room.

Hello there pretty.

Wearing some kind of 19th century girl hairstyle today. Green bow and all.

Just because its freezing doesnt mean that you cant look pretty.

New winter jacket

Im doing my 2 pieces of cothing a month thing this year. Yeah, i know im only in January but if i keep telling people about it im hoping it will work. Even if im seriously wondering how shopping in Sydney will work…

Anyways, i have thought long and hard about my February shopping and decided that i needed a longer winter jacket for W walks. The ones i have now are not covering the ass and freezing morning walks needs more padding.

George and me went to Westfields on Sunday and fought the crowds. Worth it though, love my new jacket.

Ha, its like a long duvet.

But super mega cozy and seriously warm. Was feeling a bit sad at spending one of my items on a boring winter jacket but SO happy wearing it today feeling 100% warm.

You and me will own this winter. Its a seamless down one from Uniqlo. On sale. As Katta said, i almost earned money buying this.

And btw, im putting in a caveat that this may NOT work. Im already drinking less, not smoking, fasting and eating shit loads of vitamins and stuff. There might be an end to my goodness and clothes might just be my limit…

Hanging with my man

George and I had a date night yesterday (how I hate that word…). Or rather, we did normal things like go out for dinner and see a movie.

The plan for the night was to not speak about the baby making. Just enjoy ourselves, eat good food and hang out. Mission accomplished.

Always smart my man.

We went to Eat Tokyo and kid you not, ate all the food.

Me looking a bit stressed about the amount of sushi that’s all for me.

Btw, look at the dark rings under my eye. They are…impressive…

After food we saw Glass. The ending was disappointing. But hey, all movies can’t rock your boat.

Otherwise the weekend have been chilled. Saw Kix for lunch on Friday, stayed at home Friday night, took a long walk with Katta on Saturday. It was way colder than I thought so being bad dog mumma didn’t bring a coat for W. But my scarf did the trick.

That was that with this weekend. Can’t wait for dry jan to be over. I’m celebrating that with going to Found on Friday for George last shift. All the cocktails.

Does it spark joy?

Friday baby! Not that i have anything exciting planned but the 25 year old in me is happy. And 36 year old me is looking forward to snoozeville (geez, im just not the coolest cat around am i?)

You know the Marie Kondo thing to throw away anything that doesnt spark joy? (for not having watched this im referring to it a hell of a lot. Sorry). Im applying this to life instead. Dont do shit that doesnt spark joy.

So for taking on the extra team at work i actually recommended my manager not to give it to me. Initially i felt like i HAD to say yes. It will look good on the CV and always better with more teams right? But when i actually thought about it i realised that its probably the dumbest thing i could do right now. Talk about NOT sparking joy. It would mean more trips to Paris at a time when i shouldnt be travelling and handling another team member unhappy about the change.

Dont do shit that doesnt spark joy man.

Something that definitely sparks joy is meeting Lollo for dinner at Bone Daddies and picking up a Semla for us to share on the way there. She also finally got her Christmas gifts. Kusmi tea and an egg cup with the word eggspelliarmus on it. Yes i know im hilarious.

Semla happiness. Havent had one of these in years and realised i love them. I think my taste buds are growing up. It was all kinds of delicious.

Haha, happy semla face. We pretended it was Lollos bday to be able to eat at the restaurant. Look at us being all smart.

Haha, thats a good eating face.

Happy wekeend guys. Kix, ill see you in a couple of hours!

Pills and frosty grass

Feeling pretty good for the last couple of days. Accepted the fact that we wont start anything until we are back from Sydney and decided to enjoy the time until then instead. Next Friday is George last shift at Found and im coming back to drinking with a couple of delicious ones from my fiancee with my wingwoman Katta at my side. Tonight im seeing Lollo for dinner in town and hopefully seeing Kix for lunch tomorrow. See me enjoy the shit out of life.

George and i are in a good place. Its easier on both of us when we know whats going down and hes got this amazing ability to make me relax. So yeah, things are pretty decent at the moment.

Stocked up on vitamins. Not that i think that it works but hoping for placebo if nothing else. But maybe you need to believe it for placebo to work? Oh well, it cant hurt. Going to make this body into a temple.

Made dinner last night. Here we sit with our lapdogs like an old couple. But i guess Georges is a lapstag. Either way it was yummy. Pasta for the cold months.

By the way, did i tell you that my parents gave Sandra a lapdog two Christmasses in a row? Poor girl kept a good face unpacking in this year. Again. So now she and my bro have three. Necessary…

So cold this morning! Its been a proper cold snap and everyone in the office is sick. Im hoping my placebo pills will keep me fresh. Plus i had a big one before Christmas, no room for more sick right now.

Hello there beautiful park i visit at least 7 times a week. You and me ravenscourt…

GIF it up!

Georges phone makes GIFs automatically if he takes a couple of photos in one go so here are a couple from the last weeks. Mostly of me. Because im awesome! Or just around all of the time.

Me and Woolly on the tube. Yes, i love that little monster with all my heart.

Dressing the tree at Christmas. Its a very happy smile on that face.

Dinner in Dublin. Wearing my Zelda hairthing. Should find reasons to wear it more often.

Post Christmas party awesomness. Love me some night food and sexy winking.

Cheers! Daddy and me got the snaps cheersing down!

Happy New years kisses!


Yep, going Kate again

It snowed in London yesterday. But not really around here. It was mostly wet. So i feel like i missed it. But thats ok since i had the best snowiest Christmas. Dreaming of sun more now. Only 37 days until we go to Sydney.

In the days of Marie Kondo and everyone throwing away things and tidying up im less for the tidying up but i really want to try and shop less this year. And clear out my wardrobe a bit. My goal is to buy not more than 2 pieces of clothing every month. I was going to say 1 but i dont think that will work. So lets aim for the tree tops rather than the stars.

My flowers are blooming at work. Making a little fairytale land. Which everyone else is falling in love with as well. Ha, spreading my love for flowers, fairylights and unicorns.

Went to the hairdresser. Finally time for princess hair and a much needed colouring.

So, ive gotten quite a lot of grey hairs this year and ive really struggled with that. I have no problems at all with wrinkles or cellulites or other signs of getting older but i really found the grey hairs tricky. Much more than i ever thought. And given that its like the easiest way of dealing with signs of aging i thought why not to colouring it.

So here we are. Colouring my hair for the first time since i was 20. I used inoa colouring that is ammonia free and good for the hair. I wanted it to be as close to my colour as possible.

Tada…princess hair. As you can see the colour is very close to my hair so you cant really tell the difference.

Except for it being super shiny. Like rich girl hair. Makes me look even posher. People always ask me why i dont make my hair look like this every day. Its because it makes me look like a sloany pony. Im already struggling with that and my street factor goes down to like -100 with these bouncy locks and i dont have much to start with.

Here you can see the colour. And zero grey hairs. Feeling fresh and happy with the colour even if its weird that its not quite my hair.

Put my Xmas gift from George in a frame last night. There i am looking bad ass with my trusted wing man Woolly the lurcher by my side.

Still there. Still princess hair this morning. All the coats and hats and scarves this morning since its freezing out.