Stockholm days

Hey guys, im back in London now after an amazing Christmas and New years. Pretty happy to be back in normal life to be honest, i feel like ive eaten everything and slept nothing. Not the best life for your body. Totally worth it though.

Given the news we got just before Christmas it will now be quiet times. Im doing completely dry january and then itll be very little of everything until we hopefully get our dreams fulfilled.

This weekend we are watching Travellers and doing a puzzle. Rock and roll lifestyle…

But, i have so many pictures from the last two weeks so bear with me when i go through all of that.

Very happy me waking up in a snowy Stockholm. All i could dream of.

I dressed up as a ski bunny before George and me headed out in the freezing day. Look at the view from Alexs place. Hes a hero for lending it to us.

Mmmm, me and my saffron bun.

George posing next to a trash can. Why not.

This is us on our way to Asrins parents. I didnt actually take any pictures at their place but it was lovely to finally meet them. They treated us to delicious traditional iranian food but more than anything, they treated us to family love. As Asrins mum said ‘George is not like me son, he IS mu son’. I felt that love.

Asrin wasnt there but who cares. Lets do it the non swedish way and get introduced to the parents anyway. George, i love you for bringing your families across the world into my life.

Sexy pose. Well, we have realised you want to be a  middle aged artsy woman deep down so fitting.

Dinner with Sanna and Peter, Alex and Olivia and us. Here George and Alex are trying to tickle Sanna since she admitted to always being evil to her friends. Karma.

Long hair dont care.

Sanna and i wore matching outfits and red lips. Bff style.

Ready to take on the Sthlm night. And her wedding in June. We will rock this babe.

Always need a night cap at Paradiso. Yes, i think they might be secret twins.

Tipsy love.

When Stockholm looks like this you have to sneak in and kiss in the moonlight in Ivar lo’s park.

Good thing im marrying a bulgarian mountain warrior.

Snowy beard!!!!! All kinds of yes.

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