The house filling with the smells of Christmas

After a couple of lovely days in Stockholm catching up with friends and food we headed down to the country house.

It was snowy!! And perfectly amazing and pretty. Love this place.

The every time i get here picture.

I dragged him out for walks properly dressed up in warm clothes.

Then i made him help me with the saffron buns. He is becoming a pro.

Look at these delicious beauties. It was a good verdict from Sandra who said she doesnt like saffron buns but loved these because they are so juicy and sweet. They might not look like the traditional but its how we do them in my family and they are the best.

After dinner it was time to dress the tree. George is becoming a pro at this dressing at least two trees a year these days.

Some were less interested in the tree and more focused on the wine…

Me and baby bro take our job very seriously though.

Its an endless amount of ‘pynt’ accumultated over the years. Whatever we dont put up dad then sneaks around and hang. ‘All is going up’ is his motto (wonder where i got my love for Christmas and knick knacks from)

Happy ‘dan fore dopparedan’.

When mum gave up on the Christmas table dad was there to put up the last little bits.

And then it was time for Glogg. The house filling up with all the family and the smell of my dads spiced glogg.

The younger generation. One day we will depose the old ones and take over this place. One day…

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