Chill times

Hello Monday!! Work is back on for real and i spent the morning in bed contemplating if i really need a job. I mean, there are deserted islands right?

But, it won out as it tends to do when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. So, here i am talking strategies and trying to hound the doctor for our next steps.

Had a bit of a break down last night. Reading Michelle Obamas book and are up to the part about ivf. It hits home. In the ‘i really dont want to read about this right now’ kind of way. Im realising all the steps we have ahead of us. People congratulate us to being eligible but now is when the shit actually hits the fan.

Im scared, excited, worried and stressed out all at the same time. And happy about Sydney but also kind of wishing we werent going since it delays everything with another couple of months. My tiny mind is not built for this. Its not easy to foresee what the trickiest things are going to be when you go through something like this but fuck waiting. That sucks balls.

Weekend was spent chilling. Bought new sheets because well, life will be spent sleeping and taking it easy for the coming months.

Got my new flowers that i absolutely love. Happiness on subsciption.

We found a great little vietnamese restaurant on Kings road and had Pho and coconut ice cream. George loves himself some coconut ice cream.

His Christmas gift from Kat finally arrived. A 3D lamp death star to cozy up our livingroom.

Then we watched Bandersnatch like the rest of the world. It was cool. And thats all i have to say about that.

On Sunday it was time to throw out Christmas. I have aced Christmas this year so was ready to say goodbye. Plus our tree totally died during 2 weeks without water. RIP tree.

The bulgarian mafia ready to do some damage.

And then he came home. My doggo. He treated me like dirt at first but then he fell asleep and i took full advantage. Hello snuggles.

These two. My people. Love them to bits.

On Sunday night we went to Harry and Josh for some homemade Laksa. All kinds of delicious. Kat came back from Spain and we trekked all the way up to Homerton. The things you do for good food and even better company.

Stole some of Emmas pictures. Josh getting iced. Every time…

I totally agree. Absolutely gorgeous food.

Ha, George was in sweaty agony from all the chilli though.

This week will be easy peasy. Tomorrow is bookclub (need to finish that book) and then we are watching Aquaman and into the spiderverse. Was supposed to go to Paris on Sunday but it got cancelled. Not unhappy about that. Heading to Richmond with Katta on Saturday instead while George is doing his leather course.

Told you, chill times.

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