Hello there Dublin

Ok guys, bear with me when i go trough the last couple of days of our holiday. We have come up to leaving Sweden and jumping on a plane to Dublin.

George was in pain after all those drinks the night before. This was that famous last cough before maybe baby planning in the new year so shots were drank.

Arriving in Dublin and getting to Asrins place we got greeted by Lulu deciding that Goerges shoulder is the best place to chill.

Crazy friday night!!

But, if you miss your dog you can go straight for the morning cuddles with this little monster.

George making breakfast for everyone in Asrins sexy gown.

Drinking my first guiness. And yes, its a tiny glass. Not a fan.

In the evening we went for dinner at the steakhouse were Asrin works. Delicious food all around and i was wearing my new 20s headband.

Drinking cocktails and dreaming of picklebacks.

After dinner we went to a tribute showing of a Talking Heads concert. It was oddly awesome.

Scream singing.

The day before New Years i walked down to the sea town close by called Dun Leariegh (ish, who can spell irish??)

It was absolutely stunning.

Sun going down over the harbour while i was walking along the pier.

George and Kat came to meet me and we had some dinner before heading home and getting some sleep to get ourselves ready for party times the day after.

Lovely first couple of days in Dublin chilling around.

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