Nap season

Hey guys, happy Monday! Im starting my 2019 playlist on Deezer, drink endless cups of tea and fight the grey winter skin with face oils and lots of water (read diet coke. Im shit at drinking water.). Yep, its all January and grey and i dream of spring but secretly like any excuse to take naps on the sofa with mini hound.

This weekend was all snoozy calm times. Make no excuses. Im boring and i like it.

Started watching You. Its SO confusing. Because he is an absolute freak. But also amazing. I mean, he owns a book store for god sake. And is hot (yes, totally crushing on him since GG days).

Yes, he actaully muses on these things. He is absolute amazing to her at times. But then also a scray, freaky stalker…I mean man, this show had me seriously questioning my sanity when i kind of was crushing on him.

Really good show though, totally worth watching if you are ready to get the hots for a pervy freak?!

W is over all the anger from the leaving him for 3 weeks and decided that sleeping on me was the best way to keep me home. Works little man.

On Saturday me and my kittykat walked in Richmond. And ate sausage. I really do love these walks. New plan is that beside the monhtly bookclub also make sure we get out to Richmond at least once a month. Im all down for that.

Hey there beautiful girl. What would London be without you?

George was off on his leather course (yes, these is a reason for this crotch shot). He made this beautiful belt and had a great time. Good. He needed a break from life and to do some creative stuff again.

And then he got me roses. Just because.

Who needs weird ass stalker guys from You when you have your own perfect, non stalkery, guy ar home?

We struggle at the moment. Not with each other but with life. We are both tired and a little bit scared and there is a lot. But it is what it is and we need to get it out there. Better out than in. None of is particularly good at dealing with the shit if we just let it fester.

And its always easier to feel like you share the hard things. I rather see George stumble at times than feel that is all me. We are a team. An awesome team.

Ha. W going to bed with all his toys last night. Little angel (even if he just visciously destroyed the belly of the cute little rabbit)

W walks this morning. Poor squirrel hiding away from scary Woolly the Squirrel Hunter.

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