Just need to rant. Not because i think that anyone has an answer for me but need to get it out somewhere and since this is my place i do what i want. Moahahaha.

We booked our trip to Sydney in March. Even if i was a bit all over the place on if it was the best thing to do given ivf and postponing it i still thought it could be nice for us to get a holiday before and for George to go to one of his best mates weddings. So i got my head around to starting ivf mid March and thats just 2 more months and can be done.

But then Georges work told him they are all coming to London 6-9 of March (booking without checking with him. Dont even get me started on that…) and he really wants to be here for that so now there are a couple of solutions that all feel pretty shit to be honest

  • We postpone the trip and leave on the 9-25th. Pushes ivf even more and im struggling with that mentally. Plus cost for changing the ticket
  • We cancel the trip all toghether but wont get any money back, thats a lot of money gone.
  • We change the ticket for next year but George dont get to go to the wedding and cost for changing tickets.
  • We go anyway (which i know George really dont want)
  • George go by himself and i stay behind since im really the one that needs to be here for the doctor stuff.

Added to this is that i really struggle waiting for all of this to start. Now that we know next step i kind of just want to get started and reduce the time i have to go around and worry. Because worry i do. My dreams is a veritable amusement park of nightmares.

Not sure what the best thing is. If it was just up to me I would be inclined to go anyway for the dates we booked or just cancel the trip all together and see the money gone. Unless its cheap to change them for next year which i doubt. This way we can just focus on whats ahead. But i know this is really important to George, both being here for work and to go to one of his best friends weddings. So no easy choice.

As i said, i dont hope for any answers. Just need to get it all out somewhere.


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