Woolly hat for Woolly

Landed a bit after the meeting yesterday. Im always rolling after a counceling session. Memories man.

Anyways, as i said, we are aiming to go to Sydney for the original dates and then start when we are back. Gives us a chance to chill out for two weeks and come back rested heart and soul. Or something. To be honest, nothing has really changed in our plans since Christmas but i was taken on an emotional rollercoaster with potential changes so just need to settle back into the plans.

Yes, i need stability and plans and straight answers when shit like this go down.

What felt reassuring was that the councelor was very supportive of us and seemed happy for the help and support we give eachother. Also amazing that she is there if we need her.

Worked from home in the afternoon and then George and me watched Sex Education. Hilarious. And was not prepared to Mikael Persbrandt show up…

Dressed Woolly in my hat. He is just too cute isnt he.

Relaxing week. No money january and still feeling the anti social. Hoping to head to Richmond with Katta over the weekend and George is off to Scotland thurs-fri so quiet times at home. Kix is in London as well so crossing my fingers to see her but also want to give her all the romantic times with her gf.

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