Yep, going Kate again

It snowed in London yesterday. But not really around here. It was mostly wet. So i feel like i missed it. But thats ok since i had the best snowiest Christmas. Dreaming of sun more now. Only 37 days until we go to Sydney.

In the days of Marie Kondo and everyone throwing away things and tidying up im less for the tidying up but i really want to try and shop less this year. And clear out my wardrobe a bit. My goal is to buy not more than 2 pieces of clothing every month. I was going to say 1 but i dont think that will work. So lets aim for the tree tops rather than the stars.

My flowers are blooming at work. Making a little fairytale land. Which everyone else is falling in love with as well. Ha, spreading my love for flowers, fairylights and unicorns.

Went to the hairdresser. Finally time for princess hair and a much needed colouring.

So, ive gotten quite a lot of grey hairs this year and ive really struggled with that. I have no problems at all with wrinkles or cellulites or other signs of getting older but i really found the grey hairs tricky. Much more than i ever thought. And given that its like the easiest way of dealing with signs of aging i thought why not to colouring it.

So here we are. Colouring my hair for the first time since i was 20. I used inoa colouring that is ammonia free and good for the hair. I wanted it to be as close to my colour as possible.

Tada…princess hair. As you can see the colour is very close to my hair so you cant really tell the difference.

Except for it being super shiny. Like rich girl hair. Makes me look even posher. People always ask me why i dont make my hair look like this every day. Its because it makes me look like a sloany pony. Im already struggling with that and my street factor goes down to like -100 with these bouncy locks and i dont have much to start with.

Here you can see the colour. And zero grey hairs. Feeling fresh and happy with the colour even if its weird that its not quite my hair.

Put my Xmas gift from George in a frame last night. There i am looking bad ass with my trusted wing man Woolly the lurcher by my side.

Still there. Still princess hair this morning. All the coats and hats and scarves this morning since its freezing out.

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