Does it spark joy?

Friday baby! Not that i have anything exciting planned but the 25 year old in me is happy. And 36 year old me is looking forward to snoozeville (geez, im just not the coolest cat around am i?)

You know the Marie Kondo thing to throw away anything that doesnt spark joy? (for not having watched this im referring to it a hell of a lot. Sorry). Im applying this to life instead. Dont do shit that doesnt spark joy.

So for taking on the extra team at work i actually recommended my manager not to give it to me. Initially i felt like i HAD to say yes. It will look good on the CV and always better with more teams right? But when i actually thought about it i realised that its probably the dumbest thing i could do right now. Talk about NOT sparking joy. It would mean more trips to Paris at a time when i shouldnt be travelling and handling another team member unhappy about the change.

Dont do shit that doesnt spark joy man.

Something that definitely sparks joy is meeting Lollo for dinner at Bone Daddies and picking up a Semla for us to share on the way there. She also finally got her Christmas gifts. Kusmi tea and an egg cup with the word eggspelliarmus on it. Yes i know im hilarious.

Semla happiness. Havent had one of these in years and realised i love them. I think my taste buds are growing up. It was all kinds of delicious.

Haha, happy semla face. We pretended it was Lollos bday to be able to eat at the restaurant. Look at us being all smart.

Haha, thats a good eating face.

Happy wekeend guys. Kix, ill see you in a couple of hours!

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