Hanging with my man

George and I had a date night yesterday (how I hate that word…). Or rather, we did normal things like go out for dinner and see a movie.

The plan for the night was to not speak about the baby making. Just enjoy ourselves, eat good food and hang out. Mission accomplished.

Always smart my man.

We went to Eat Tokyo and kid you not, ate all the food.

Me looking a bit stressed about the amount of sushi that’s all for me.

Btw, look at the dark rings under my eye. They are…impressive…

After food we saw Glass. The ending was disappointing. But hey, all movies can’t rock your boat.

Otherwise the weekend have been chilled. Saw Kix for lunch on Friday, stayed at home Friday night, took a long walk with Katta on Saturday. It was way colder than I thought so being bad dog mumma didn’t bring a coat for W. But my scarf did the trick.

That was that with this weekend. Can’t wait for dry jan to be over. I’m celebrating that with going to Found on Friday for George last shift. All the cocktails.

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