New winter jacket

Im doing my 2 pieces of cothing a month thing this year. Yeah, i know im only in January but if i keep telling people about it im hoping it will work. Even if im seriously wondering how shopping in Sydney will work…

Anyways, i have thought long and hard about my February shopping and decided that i needed a longer winter jacket for W walks. The ones i have now are not covering the ass and freezing morning walks needs more padding.

George and me went to Westfields on Sunday and fought the crowds. Worth it though, love my new jacket.

Ha, its like a long duvet.

But super mega cozy and seriously warm. Was feeling a bit sad at spending one of my items on a boring winter jacket but SO happy wearing it today feeling 100% warm.

You and me will own this winter. Its a seamless down one from Uniqlo. On sale. As Katta said, i almost earned money buying this.

And btw, im putting in a caveat that this may NOT work. Im already drinking less, not smoking, fasting and eating shit loads of vitamins and stuff. There might be an end to my goodness and clothes might just be my limit…

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