Soft dog bellies and thistles

Still havent heard from the doctor. Im trying to be zen and wait it out but its been more than a week. I think ill call and hunt them down soon. There is only that much one can be expected to wait when it comes to important things like this.

Waiting is by far the hardest thing dealing with nhs. They are awesome otherwise but gah, the waiting is killing me. Just want my answers and move on with it. Its been 7 months since that first doctors appointment and we are finally getting to the finishing line. Worth taking into consideration of you are going the nhs route.

Other than that i cant wait for a night out on Friday. Its been a while. Ive sat on the sofa even more than normally these last couple of weeks. Ready to make a return to life.

Giving that soft belly some kisses last night. How can you not love a dog? At least my dog 🙂

Threw away the drooping flowers and kept the thistles. They dry nicely and can lend a little life to the living room.

Hello there pretty.

Wearing some kind of 19th century girl hairstyle today. Green bow and all.

Just because its freezing doesnt mean that you cant look pretty.

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