A not very happy countdown

Im really sorry but i have nothing exciting to share today. Still waiting for the doctor to call back, still dry jan and mostly sitting on the sofa. We have a countdown to Brexit at work and only 58 days until we hopefully dont crash out meaning UK will be thrown into chaos. The world need collaboration and unity, especially with the threat of climate change and general financial changes.

Personally im really worried what Brexit will mean. Not that im worried about being deported but for the work opportunities and the melting pot of cultures that i love about London. I might make no sense for us to stay if UK crash out with a no deal Brexit. But then where do we go?

Sorry to dooms day you but i have been thinking a lot about it, especially planning kids and maybe looking at buying a flat. No buying until the 29th of March at least.

We watched the Fyre festival documentary yesterday. So ridicilous. If youve seen it youll understand the pic above…finally i can join in all the jokes at work. Also, hilariously one of the guys that used to work with Fyre is now working with us. Weirdly he’s never mentioned it…

My naaaaaw face because W is just too cute. Im definitely using his cuddles to make me both warm and happy at the moment.

Amazing pattern on the cars today. All of them had the same. No snow but ‘rimfrost’ as we say in Sweden making the cars into a piece of art.

Tonight meeting the girls for Bookclub again. Yes, my favourite time a month.

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