Working from home today. Mostly because i can and i have zero meetings. But i also feel like i need to. Mental health day or whatever they call it. Not that anything is particularly bad or new. But tirying. Nothing has changed, we are still waiting and i fell drained. Plus January is not helping.

Currently we are just waiting for the doctor to call back so we can sit with the nurses and book the actual ivf treatment. Before that happens we still dont know when we start. So even if ive got my head around the beginning of April start its actually not decided or pencilled in yet. Hence the endless waiting… which i told you before has been by far the hardest thing in all of this.

Good for me i have things to keep me occupied and take my mind of less happy things.

Yesterday we met the bookclub again. It was Malin hosting and she had chosen vegan restaurant Farmacy in Notting Hill. I was waiting for the girls drinking chai with almond milk and drooling over the menu.

The book of the month was Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I never read these kinds of books so was happy that Malin chose it.

For those of you that know Hans Rosling the premises of his teachings is that world isnt as bad as we think. Overall poverty is going down, women are having less kids meaning that population will plateu at 11 billion, life quality in general is going up as well as female education and basically its a book focusing on optimism.

I needed that. In these days of climate change and Brexit i think its needed with some positive news making us feel that everything isnt gloom and doom. I personally react better to someone saying ‘if you do this it makes a difference for the better’ rather than ‘we are all screwed’.

Climate change is currently basically saying that even if you change everything we are still screwed. Hard to know what to do then. Especially when you see the worlds top leaders not caring one bit. (sorry Katta, i KNOW there are things we can do and keep trying to convince me since ill take small steps at a time)

That is one healthy drink. At least eating at a vegan restaurant is a step in the right direction. And delicious food so not unhappy about that. Thanks Malin.

My mushroom and bean tacos. All kinds of yum.

This book sparked a proper discussion. About his teachings but also about the world in general. Katta is super into sustainability and gave me food for thoughts even if i know im pretty shit.

So my 2019 sustainability list will be (sorry for still being like an infant on this stuff)

  • Buy a soda streamer since George and i drink a lot of sparkling water and go through way too many plastic bottles.
  • Kill all the lights inthe rooms we are not in.
  • Only doing laundry when we have a full load
  • Take public transport (easy since i cant drive :))
  • Cut down on plastic. Bring my own shopping bag to the store.
  • Shop less (my 2 items a month thing)
  • Eat even less meat. Im probably down to 3 times a week (from every day) but can do better.

Thats the first steps. Baby but still

These girls! Rachel had to leave due to work so if anyone is keen on joining Londons best bookclub holler!

My banana cake peanut butter nicecream dessert. Too good. I smashed that shit. I mean, its vegan and it means it needs to be healthy right?

My office today. PJs and all the candles. Heading out for dinner tonight with a former colleague and will brave the cold but until then ill be cozied up here. I love our flat so much. Even if its a bit small and will be impossible if we have a baby i love it here in our super cozy living room.

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