The end of the longest january ever

Its friday peeps. And February 1st! Means dry jan is finally over. Cant wait for a GT and a little buzz. Tonight we are heading to Found for Georges last shift and my main concern is to make sure i eat enough food before #lasttomidnight

Doctor still havent called back and i couldnt sleep last night laying awake to 4am worrying. All the shit kept going haywire in my brain and i could see nothing but worst case scenarios. Eventually i took a sleep aid tablet and now im all groggy.

Two weeks until my birthday. Have zero energy to organise something but if i dont itll be the first time since i turned 18 that i dont have some kind of party. George have booked  dinner for us on the actual day but im toying with the idea of a pub day on the 16th. Feels like way too much though so there might be absolutey nothing going as well.

Ha, you hear. Im a ray of sunshine and energy.

Worked from home yesterday. Lit all the candles. Georgealways laughs at me but i love it.

Ha, same view but a couple of hours later when i made a lentil stew. Im thinking about putting together another every day cookbook like i did almost 8 years ago now. Ask my friends for their best 30 min recepies so we can share them between us. This would totally be one of mine. Easy, delicious and good on the enviroment.

I shared my sofa view on social media and my sister answered that Nisse is doing exactly the same. One is a grown man, the other just a kid…

And finally left the house and met up with Sarah for dinner in Soho. Havent seen her since she left Deezer so it was really nice to catch up. She seems happy.

Putting on the partylist at work and getting pumped up about tonight.

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