The end of dry january

Finally it was time. The end of dry january.

And i know im supposed to take it easy to build my body for ivf and i am. Trust me. I think of few things other than being healthy, sleeping enough, eating vitamins and all that jazz at the moment. Thats why my brain AND my body needed this break of actual fun for a night.

And yes, to me a night out with all my friends dancing around and drinking cocktails is the best version of fun and have always been.

Got ready in the morning with power earrings. And pink make up. Like an ice queen. In black.

Left work at 5 and headed up to East to meet Katta, Tom and Elin for dinner at Dishoom. Perfect way to start February and we ate all the food (which you have to do if you are to drink delicious drinks all night.)

After dinner we went to Found. Since it was George last official shift he had brought booze and picklejuice (love you babe). I was even allowed behind the bar for a second.

Tom looked like sex.

And apparently i had on way too much clothes George told me last night. Less turtleneck and more cleavage next time. Yes boss.

Soren and Bettina was there celebrating the end of an era (but the start of a new which is actual dinners with friends on Fridays).

Lollo came and Sarah had met up with us in the beginning of the night. Yes, we totally felt like we owned the world.

And looked like it too…

More drinks, more posing.

My smile here says it all. I needed this night. Silly fun with people i love and not thinking about all the should and maybes and what ifs. Hate what ifs with a passion.

Leaving speech for George.

These boys <3. No matter if George works here this will always be one of my favourite places for a drink.

At midnight it was our 1 year engaged anniversary. Im looking absolutely riveted.

Went with the girls for one at White House before heading home to bed, drinking loads of water, taking a sleeping pill and snoozing to mid day.

Woke up with not too much headache and created my boquet for the weekend.

And then we just chilled. Ate pizza, watched movies and hang out with our little doggo. Friday fun but then quiet times for the rest fo the weekend. Perfect.

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