Fever dreams

I woke up with a fever this morning, from a proper fever dream. Without boring you with too much detail I was basically stuck in an old people’s home with all these old white men trying to take advantage of me in all kinds of ways exerting their power. The one woman I met who I thought was going to help me stole body parts from her victims and was planning to steal my future babies from me.

It was horrible. And too close to home in some ways. God, it’s not making it easy on my sleep how my mind is processing through horror dreams.

So I’m working from home today trying to get well before Filippa and Vilma comes tomorrow. We have a full weekend planned ahead.

Finally got hold of the doctor yesterday as well. We are seeing them for the final consultation on the 19th of February. This one is to actually set the treatment plan and plan medication etc. Hopefully no hiccups so we can start when back from Australia. I’m more than ready for this now.

Other than that nothing exciting my end. I’m selling clothes, clearing out, throwing away old make up and generally getting my life in order. I don’t know why but I have this need to clear and clean.

Probably because it’s the one thing I can control right now. Make sense for all kinds of psychological reasons.

More than anything can’t wait for Sydney and holiday. Sunshine ❤

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