More birthday

The best thing about birthdays (except for all the love maybe) its that SO much happens all day. Easy times. Here are some more pictures from the day and i havent even left work yet.

The dress George gave me. Photographed in a bathroom. Im classy like that.

Love it. Its long sleeved, ankle length and my favourite colour green. I know i have a lot of dressed but this is a more dressed one for autumn and spring. And it makes me feel pretty.

He might have been given a little push in the right direction for this…but he still chose from a lot of different suggestions and im very happy with his choice. Love it.

At lunch the team took me out for a bday lunch. We went to a newly opened italian resturant around the corner from work.

Not only did they treat me to lunch they also gave me very thoughtful gifts. Shizzle for my garden. Love it.

Haha, Natalia drawing Woolly.

A very happy birthday princess opening gifts.

And finding a hidden picture of Sita in there. Basically the best gift.

Love my team and really feeling the bday love. Not having been my best for the last couple of months, especially not at work, i always feel bad toward the team so this made me very happy.

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