An epic birthday

The world is slightly tilted today. Quite hungover. Guess that was always going to happen when we went out and about London town and everyone wants to celebrate me with a shot. Thank you London. Also kind of fuck you.

Me on my way from work yesterday. Style inspiration was russian princess. Feel like i nailed it.

Just when i was about to walk out the door someone came with flowers for me. Not a secret admirerer but my very open admirerer from over the seas. Jules!! Roses, tulips and hyacinth. The smell!! Love it.

My house is now filled with flowers again.

Before we left the flat for dinner we decided to have a pickleback. Always to celebrate.

Yum, yum, yum.

Tube couple goals!

Before dinner we went to Home and Found for a drink. Because people are legends we they all gave me birthday shots and all the love.

Then dinner at Blacklock. They even had a birthday card for me. I mean come on, talk about being spoiled.

A plate of meat. Not unhappy about that.

And because George is a legend and everyone loves him we got the dinner for free. I think this is actually how it feels being a princess. Thank you my love for making that happen.

Then we went to two more bars. For more free drinks. Not needed. At all. But sometimes its fun not caring about the should dos. Like Mikey said ‘thats tomorrow Cissis problem’. True.

Came home, passed out and got drunken photos from George being very drunk in the bathroom.

Perfect birthday. Really was. Love my life.

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