Some epic cake goodness

What a weekend. Im feeling kind of ok today but i was struggling yesterday. Cant remember the last time i did 3 day in a row. Still life in this old gal.

More cake on Friday. Or maybe that was my first cake? Either way, cake!!

Ha, the team singing to Sita and me. I feel like we are pro cake blowers.

And also very cute when we cut the cake together. Even if she is half my size…

In the evening we had a work meet up. Havent seen Stevie in ages and i even missed that old geezer Henry.

It was Sitas bday drinks and since her friend is on a show called Extreme Cake Makers and had made Sita a bday cake the whole thing was filmed.

Team becoming famous.

Look at this cake!! Perfect for a make up and fried chicken loving queen lika Sita.

Boys enjoying them cookies.

After too many drinks (yes, the plan was to not stay longer than 9) we left around 11.

Took selfies of myself in the cab because thought i was pretty AF. Love drunken me. She has a lot of self love.

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