Spring signs

Im going to show you all the epic photos from my bday lunch on the Saturday. Love my friends and all the amazing gifts and bday love i got.

But first an update on all the baby stuff. We are having our coordination meeting today and after signing and reading through all the consent forms yesterday its all becoming very real. I knew it was some real shit but its becoming very clear that April will be a heavy month. Its like 4 different medication and 2 different injections and surgery and recovery and epic side effects.

As George said yesterday ‘im sorry its so onesided’. So am i buddy. Even happier now about holiday first.

London gave me the first signs of spring yesterday. I was on my way to the massage George gave me for my bday and loved this little sign of things to come.

The massage was great but she said that im super tense, probably because im too tall for my desk at work. Which is true. My back, and my neck, have been acting up for the last couple of years and thats probably the reason. Damn being so tall.

A serious pile of papers. I think it was around 10 different forms that needed to be filled out.

I had a bit of spredable gin while going through all of that boring stuff. Suprisingly nice. Thank you Lollo ❤

Using a very sexy pen for our signing. Thank you Marketa, Dan and Lucie for this beauty.

Look! I love snowdrops. And they were everywhere in the park this morning.

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