Paris through selfies

Whenever i go to Paris im so shit at hanging out with anyone. I do have friends here, i just cant be bothered. This time around me and Lollo were both in Paris, and ended up staying in our respective hotels eating supermarket food.

Happy im not the only one not really living the high life in Paris.

Guess its because im mostly here mid week doing work stuff and at the moment trying to stay away from drinks and getting my sleep. Love that Ol was all sweet when i told him about ivf and that he needs to be available for Woolly in April and said that i need to get my sleep, he just read thats super important for fertility in a sleep book. So him.

Awesome having a good relationship with my ex. And that he is super happy to help in April, makes the whole in and out of hospital easier.

Anyways, in Paris and living the lonely life.

Yesterday had to wait at the station for quite some time due to cancelled and rebooked train and then having to be there an hour early.

Once i got on the train my seat was ‘out of order’ and the train completely full so jumped into an empry one hoping to not get kicked out.

I did but instead got two seats to myself and a drink voucher. Sometimes you win even when you lose.

Arrived in a Paris smelling of spring. Its 15 degrees and sunny out today. That perfect spring weather. This is the view from my hotel. Hello there little roof tops.

I went out to do the most french of things, buy a baguette to walk the streets with it under my arm. People still do that here.

Ha, then to a less romantic setting, supermarket food on my bed. A classic. Finished our bookclub book and then watched an episode of the umbrella academy. Good night. Slept like a baby too so ready for the french today.

Tonight i might even go out for dinner. We’ll see.

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