The last of the birthday festivities

Dont worry, i didnt forget about putting the pics up from my birthday party on the Saturday. After celebrating for two days already i was a bit tired around the edges but im not an old party girl for nothing. I put my face on, jumped into a skirt and was ready for round 3.

Started the morning in a sea of flowers. From mum and dad, jules and my subscription. Ive realised im just becoming older and older with how happy flowers make me. They are life.

Then we took the little mini hound out for a walk. Look at how light my hair is. Its gone a LOT lighter since i coloured it. And the grey hairs start peeking through. Will see how long i can be bothered with this colouring malarkey.

But, my vanity liked not being grey haired. Oh, the vanity…

Then pub times. I had booked a table for food and drinks in the Queens Head from 1pm. Food on me and drinks on the people. Plus 6h hang time. Perfect for what i was feeling up to.

George started by assembling my unicorn balloon.

Yeah, ready to rock and rumble.

Elin and Tom were the first to show up. Woohoo! They also gave me the sweetest gift. A set of unmatchy earrings with each one of them wearing one. So bff earrings with both of them. You can see the one Tom has in this picture. Love it.

Gin and Tonics. Lollo and Linnea gave me blue shimmer powder for my GTs. Look how pretty they are.

Boys and Lily.

The bookclub was there. Even if both Lily and Lollo has left the bookclub is all about awesome women.

And all of a sudden the trubadour i who was on for 7 decided to play me a little birthday tune. Too sweet.

Ha, Linnea making friends with his dog Py

The day kept going and friends came and went. Exactly what i was hoping for. Around 4 Eric showed up with girlfriend and puppy!!

The cutest little angel (the pup, not Eric…)

Ha, party crew.

As you can see things started to get a bit blurry. The problem with drinking for 12h is that even if you try and take it semi easy it turns into a lot of drinks.

My family <3. Poor Woolly hated us by the end of it but he was a trooper ar always and just stared hopelessly into the abyss that was never ending pub hang out.

More selfies with besties because why not.

haha, more photos of the boys. George went home and did a clothes change in the middle of it. Channeling Ru Paul.

After many hours at the Queens head we went home to our for a couple of more drinks before i decided that the night was over by pulling Woolly into my lap and falling asleep.

Felt horrible the day after but so worth it seeing all my friends and having the best of days.

My life is pretty damn perfect.

As seen in this picture. Dinner goals.

And on top of everything my birthday week ended with that first wiff of spring.

Its getting better people, i promise.

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