A beautiful night in Paris

What a beautiful evening in Paris last night. It was 15 degrees and one of those first spring evenings that feels like magic.

So I decided to bring my left over from the day before and walk up toward Sacre Coeur to have my dinner with a view.

I was not the only one to have that idea and the steps of the church were filled with people. There was music floating on the air and for once I understood why people fall in love with Paris.

I sat down on the steps and made myself a very French dinner of baguette, cheese and ham.

The sun was slowly going down and the view was absolutely spectacular. Next to me some Italian girls took photos and behind me a Dutch couple shared a bottle of wine.

I texted with the girls back home in Sweden and missed them. These moments should be shared. But in a way I did. With them and all the people around me talking, singing and enjoying that first taste of spring.

It got darker and I decided to walk home. The streets of Paris aren’t easy at night when you are a lonely woman.

It was a beautiful walk and once back at the hotel I read my book, texted George and felt happy with a life well lived.

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