Lovely days

What a weekend we’ve had. 17 degrees and sun. The smell of flowers and the sound of the birds waking up after a long winter. Warm enought to lay in the park in a t-shirt smelling the new grass. Premiering the garden and being very in love with my little family.

George laughed at me when i said that i love the winter. ‘You hate the cold. You are miserable all through January and February’. True. And i love the sun and the warmth.

I feel like a spent most of it outside. Thats a good thing. W was all conked out after a long day in the park and slept through the night. I feel like we all needed this.

The daffodils are blooming this year too. Interesting to see what has survived the winter.

Reunited with my little hound. I went to a business meeting on Friday and had some interesting talks. Will do another panel in London in March. Building my brand as they say, growing by doing things that are scary as i say.

More time in the park. Wand me running around like little kids.

No need for a jacket.

And in the garden it gets hot enough for a top. W is as excited as i am.

Cuddle with my main man. Perfect with a warm dog body to take away that slight chill of the february sun.

Ice cream in the garden. Yes, i went all in on the summer feeling this weekend. Getting prepared for Sydney.

Its blooming.

We took artsy pictures behind the flowers. Thats the kind of cool people we are.

Yes, i might have been walking around all weekend talking about how pretty it all is. George could not care less. Im like ‘look, a pretty flower’, hes like ‘yeah, whatevs’. Thats pretty much all we said this weekend.

On Saturday night Katta came over and we watched Dirty Dancing. George had never seen it before and Katta and me quoted all the lines and sighed over Patrick Swayze. I stand by that its the bestest romantic girl movie.

On Sunday i wore a kid outfit. Curduroy, wide trousers, sneakers and a backback. Havent worn one of those since i was 13. I even had a hair clip. 7 or 37?

Family selfies. The rest dont care much but someone has a blog to create content for…

Yes, this is how warm it was. A little bit of sun on my nose. Didnt get any colour on my vampire skin of course but who cares. SUN!!

These guys. I was so silly in love with my family. Had this feeling that everything will work out.

Kid life.

Went to Queens Head. They were all happy to see us again after last weekend and came straight with dog biscuits for Woolly. Bribing the doggos, they know how to work it. Had a roast and a cider. Its mandatory in this weather.

Hello there.

Needed this. I feel a lot calmer today. Leaving on Friday and then back into everything when we are back. Told my HR person at work today and just need to speak to my manager as well. She thought the easiest way is to just do a bit flexible working hours during April. So hopefully my manager agrees and i can balance it without issues.

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