A post mostly about hair

We have that false pre spring in London right now. When its way too warm for the season but still 1 degree when i walk W in the morning. Its lovely. And yes, i know it might be because of global warming but its still lovely. Even if i keep to my 2 clothes a month, less plastic, less meat and all that. You can enjoy the sun on the face and worry for the state of the earth at the same time.

Im working from home today. About to take W out soon and planning for being away. I spoke to HR about the ivf, setting things up for the panel ill sit on in March and preparing the team for a manager less 3 weeks. Im sure they are really sad…

With my team growing with 3 people ill now look after 38 full time and 18 temps. Thats a big ass team. Yeah, i totally need a holiday.

I walked W late afternoon yesterday. The sun was setting and it was on the cusp of being too cold without a jacket. But still lovely.

This is buy 1 of March. A white jumper for the summer months. And then a dog jumped straight up on it with its paws.

This. Golden afternoon light on cherry blossoms.

Ha, and then while we were watching shows i decided to try all the hairdos with my little scarf. This George thought was school girl meets stewardess.

Here the classic side braid.

We watched something about gang wars and i styled myself accordingly.

The russian braid crown.

And last but not least the peasant double braid.

Yeah, how to keep yourself entertained on a Monday night. Now i need to walk W before he kicks my ass.

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