Loopely loops

I couldnt sleep last night. Mind churning. Its weird because im a lot calmer overall, realised that in the first time for 9 months im not staring at my phone hoping the doctors will call with answers and i have my medication and ready to start this.

But, sometimes its hard not to worry. Worst case scenarios run through your head. I also read up on tips to prime yourself. Its all about sleeping (easy when you worry), eating right and on time, will stop my fasting thing once i start since im not sure if it will interfere, and then all about massages and relaxing. Plus eating the folic acid and vitamin D. Plus it seems like there is no problem continuing on the anti depressants.

And of course stay away from the alcohol. No problems having a drink or two until the actual treatment but then you should basically treat your body like you are actually pregnant.

Telling my manager today, have a workshop tomorrow and then holiday mode. Im so happy we are doing this trip. Its worked out perfect with the treatment anyway and i feel like i need that break.

Another sunny day. Worked from home and walked W in the afternoon. Im hoping my manager will agree to unofficial flexible working hours for the treatment, otherwise i can request it to make sure i can stress less. That another thing they mention, pull down the tempo at work for this period.

George were having Harry and Liam over but due to late dinner (you know, like normal people) i ended up sorting myself out. With a GT marmelade sandwhich. Weirdly nice. Thanks Lollo.

Boys having dinner together. George treated them to a bulgarian special of Shopska, zucchini with garlic sauce and kofte. Harry kept saying it was all greek anyway.

Heh, love Liams face in this panorama. Glitching. Fun hanging out with the boys on their phones.

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