Shitty news

We got some bad news yesterday. After my little happy post about not waiting by the phone the nurse called.

Basically George viral blood test came back (we both had to do one within 3 months if ivf) and his blood fat is too high. This means he has to do a new one when we are back plus check his cholesterol. If its not better when back from holiday im not sure if it will stop us from doing the treatment.

So we are both on health lock down. Minimum alcohol plus veggies and fruit all the way. We’ll eat avocado until it squirts out our ears. Not easy when in Sydney but it is what it is. There is no alternatives at the moment. I think the hardest bit is going to be for George to not eat 5 times a day of his mums food. Last time in Sydney he gained 7kg. This time he basically needs to lose weight.

Honestly, i would struggle if that was me coming back to Sweden. Maybe Gina and me can create a cookbook together of her recipes and ill cook it all for him after this is done. As a treat. Because he wont be able to eat like last time.

This was me feeling all happy yesterday walking around on my ‘teenage clothes’ as a colleague called it.

This is me after the call. I started crying. I dont know, i just finally felt like it was all done and we were getting the treatment and i could relax and now this. I know we are not back to square one but we have another uncertainty and we cant just relax on the holiday.

We were supposed to do the bookclub yesterday but i was not the only one not feeling great so we cancelled. I needed that. I read a book called Royals and emptied my mind of everything. Feel better today. We can do this. Only positive thoughts.

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