See you on the other side

Holiday day!!! Working from the office in the morning, then home in the afternoon and leaving at 6. So. Ready. For. This. Shit.

Need to pack the last bits and bobs and get in my travel gear, i have a new travel pillow i have high hopes for. My kindle is loaded with books and i have snacks ready to be rocked and rumbled.

Cant wait for that first holiday…juice…:(

Ha, i dreamt last night that i was so sad about not being able to drink. We can, a bit. Or at least i can. Given that ill be totally alcohol free in April and then hopefully for another like year ill definitely have a cocktail or two.

Anyways, see you guys on the other side of our 24h trip. Im leaving you with some fun shit ive seen around the old internet.

Me. Every day. Im always filled with bruises, i just cut my leg shaving so now have a long bloody wound on my leg just before bikini times and i dont think i ever worn matching underwear.

Oh well, swamp demons are not too bad.

Naaaaaaw. We do NOT deserve dogs!

Haha. DAD!!!! Not that you are grumpy but you would LOVE that dog. Even mum would.

All winter. Add a cup of tea and a blankie and nothing can get to me.

Whenever i wear a jumpsuit George comments on me being nakey in the bathroom. You never feel as silly as then. Especially in high heels and full on make.

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