Living the good life

God, the jet lag is brutal. It’s 6 am day 4 and I’m wide awake. Good thing it’s holiday and besides meeting up with awesome people I don’t have to do anything.

Did the mistake of checking my work email and we’ll…pretending that didn’t happen…

Life here is amazing. I’m starting to get the people that keep going on about Straya (don’t tell George). We pop into the beach for an hour, eat some delicious food, devour fruit, do some shopping (yeah, the two things a month flew out the window) and just chill out. Yep, could get used to this.

Tuesday we went to Maria’s family’s cafe, cafe Sorelle, and like always I had to have ALL the food. There is zero self control in the face of this. The avo smash (look at me being Aussie) is just too good.

But the best is that family just keeps popping in saying hi and Rosie gives you endless hugs. My cold scandi heart blossoms like a little frangipani with the Italian/Aussie love.

After food comes car. I mean, car comes after everything in Sydney.

But worth it for beach life!! George and me are true doomy gloomy bars of London people but we can be convinced to pop into the sun for a visit.

At least when it looks like this (be still my heart).

Also, this ❤

Then we headed into Newtown and met up with Sulinna. What better to meet ex colleagues, now international lady of leisure, on the other side of the world?

George in his standard mode of explaining some geek stuff.

Told you. Just endless amounts of awesome people. Good thing I love George’s friends. My insidious plan is to steal them all…

And because we just go between food and more food we headed to Piotr and Laura to be fed some more.

Life. Really fucking hard at the moment.

Yesterday George had to be bribed to join for a serious shopping sess so made sure the big boy got some Ogalas burgers (who am I kidding, he did that all himself).

he survived the shopping (barely) and we took our things and went to kats place. The hero is lending us her place for the night.

Woohooo, parent free.

And yes, more people, more food. Best life. Thai with Elle and Aiden, Jess and Jack plus Stevan. Crew!

Going to end in this high note of the coolest couple in Sydney. With a matching 80s car of course.

Then we went to them and got some doggo love from their three beasts.

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