Lazy days on the beach

We are in Byron Bay now. For Ben and Laura’s wedding. In a beautiful house where you can hear the ocean. I’m laying by the pool writing this. Life could be worse.

Working away at my tan. Starting to see some progress. I’m going to shock all those Londoners back home.

Even the Aussies comments on me not being alabaster white any longer. Goals!

On Monday we saw Stevan perform at the soda factory. My new family is definitely cooler than yours.

I was very impressed and a bit star struck. Not sure you are allowed to fan girl on your fiancés little bro?

Chris and Tristan was in town as well. The guys we went to the disco brunch with the day after we got engaged. This is Chris and their friend stef gearing up for Korean bbq.

Then the gig. They partied, we took it easy like sensible people. Or as one of George’s friends bf said ‘i wish I met you when you were both fun’. Well buddy, we aced that shit.

And dinner with the family on the Tuesday before coming here. All the sushi. I don’t need to get pregnant, can give birth to a fish.

Yesterday flew to Byron. Australia is huge. But the flight was easy and we came in to a lovely house just off the beach. Life 10/10.

Went for margaritas with the boys. Dan being best man looked like he would keel over without a drink.

Frankie come for one as well.

Flower power drinks.

This is the beauty that is a raspberry and beetroot frozen margarita. The dream.

After dinner with Bens family we headed down to the beach for a night stroll. God I love this life when it’s warm and the air smells of the ocean.

Today it’s all about the pool. Heading into Byron in 30 min and tonight is the rehearsal dinner.

I’m not unhappy about living here until then.

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