And it’s a wrap

And they got married. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding for a beautiful couple. Laura looked stunning and Ben nervous and they said their yes to the sound of their friends and family cheering (Aussie weddings is a loud affair). And then food and dancing until the fairytale stroke of midnight.

We weren’t allowed to take any pics during the ceremony so here’s a picture of another lovely couple 🙂

I was totally in love with my dress I bought in NYC last summer. Needs a tan but aced that.

Sorry for the shameless posting but felt beautiful.

One more. My hair before it became an absolute frizz bomb (thanks Aussie humidity…)

The boys having a little sit down before the wedding. Calming Bens wedding jitters.

All the love.

En route with Bens parents. Love that I just got to sneak into the wedding party like this. Being a head taller than everyone else. And wearing a red dress. Hard to notice.

Look at my man though…

More dress. I have unfortunately gotten a stomach bug while here and for the last three days barely slept due to massive stomach ache so glad to be hiding that behind all the red.

George, your never ending poser. Boys looking very smart in their suits though.

Your wedding security.

that’s the stomach bug face. I got through the wedding but then it hit when we came back. Might be the tap water. Happily up to 4 this morning. Feeling fresh…

A very nervous, but excited, groom.

Beautiful views from my seat at the table (including the bride and groom).

Look at this gorgeous creature.

And then wedding shenanigans. The party ended at midnight but the plan is for a boozy lunch today.

Might sit that one out if my stomach doesn’t get better. Can’t fly back to London like this, I nearly cried a little bit last night.

Other than that the end to our holiday here in Byron is lovely. Raining today but we can all need a break from the sun. An excuse to stay in bed and watch movies.

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