Back home

Back in London after a veeery long flight. Yes, 22h is about as much as you can survive sitting in one of those tiny airplane seats.

But we did it because we are heroes.

And because I’m strong independent woman and all that jazz I went in to work after landing at 5 am. London was all in bloom and I celebrated the fact that I both got my new title (director…so fancy) and a raise as well as being labelled current star in the internal appraisal system.

Not bad for a 37 year old former literary student who just told her boss she is doing ivf.

Then I got to go home and finally hang w my mini man. Here bribing him with kangaroo treats all the way from Aussie.

This morning working from home since I need to go to Paris today for a meeting. Ravenscourt being beautiful in full cherry blossom bloom.

Hey there lil favourite.

George looking sexy under the flowers.

Must admit I’m not dying to go to Paris the day after coming home but work calls. There is also massive delays on the other end so will see how I get on going back tomorrow.

Such a nice feeling coming home realising how much I missed my London flat, little doggo and team at work. I really do love my life here in London.

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