Balance for better

Im starting to get a tad nervous now. Its all getting close. In 10 days i start the tablets and then there is no turning back.

Im also a bit worried since my stomach is still pretty upset from Australia. Feel like that cant be good if you are trying to do ivf. Ive given myself today and if its still really bad tomorrow ill go to the doctor.

I was supposed to do a talk on Wednesday but i feel like i might have to cancel. Dont think i should add nervous to an already dodgy stomach. Guess this is just what it is at the moment. Focus on me and my body. I was hoping to work from home tomorrow to give everything a rest but just had a meeting put in with our CFO. Im starting to get that tricky balance between work and personal now.

My month is pretty unbooked though. Im staying strong. Keeping away from alcohol and chilling. Being my best self or some shit like that.

Flower delivery on Saturday. Instant happiness.

Outside everything is blooming too. Spring in London is something magical. Especially cherry blossom and magnolia times.

On Saturday it was Kattas bday party. I dressed up in black and posed next to a pink balloon. As you do.

Came early to help out and caught this little darling being a tad stressed. But nothing two power women cant do.

So much love for so many people in this room. Havent seen Ella in ages. She was glowing and seem so happy. Makes my heart burst. No one deserves it more than her.

Around 10 i had to leave since my stomach gave up on me. Like acute pain. Went home and took this very sad selfie having to leave the party.

On Sunday i stuck with yoghurt and met Katta for a walk in Ravenscourt. I mean, this is why i love London so much. The sun and the weather in March.

Living in a perfect fairytale.

It was t-shirt weather and we went home to me and sat in the garden talking the women fight and drinking tummy tea.

George was delayed back but eventually came home to pretty instantly crash on the sofa with the trusted hound.

This is what love looks like.

Still somewhat jetlagged we woke at 7 this morning and took W for a crispy morning walk.

My sexy lunch at work. Bread and coke. The only thing my stomach can really deal with. And this is still precarious but i have it in me to at least sit straight when living on this stuff.

My view at work. A video of me speaking about diversity and how to balance for better. Even more important to me at the moment since i really need to figure out how to balance for better.

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