Cancelled plans

Went to the doctor today. The stomach has been bad for 2 weeks but apparently i just have to wait it out. Sleep a lot. Drink lots of water. Rest. All the fun stuff. Kind of guessed that was the thing but wanted to check with the ivf coming up. Dont want a parasite eating the egg…

So lifes even more on hold than usual. Cancelled the talk and the bookclub and working from home today. Eating bread and yoghurt (so damn tired of bread) and non fizzy coke (sucks). I also had to tell Sanna that i cant make her hen do. Super sad face. But, we have a life together. And im 100% making the wedding.

Choose your battles. Right now its all about them scrambled eggs going back into my body.

Sunny in London. My hair is soooo light. Going to the hairdressers next week, will see if i can get it a bit darker again. Feels weird.

Natalias bday at work yesterday. Happy bday gorgeous woman.

The balance for better campaign at work. My face is everywhere. Ha, if 20 year old Cissi who choose to study literature to NOT have to deal with numbers or stand in front of crowds would have known…

I read somewhere that you need to dress a certain way to do a career, that kind of, in my eyes, boring lawyer dress and high heel look. No one will take you seriously otherwise. I dont believe that. I wear jeans most days and im ro rocking it.

Tne queue at the GP today. It took us 2.5h to get through. Super exciting. At least i know i just need to wait it out now, not much to do.

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