Temporary bad decisions

For all of you dying to know all about my stomach…its feeling better. Now its just like a normal dodgy stomach and not ‘theres like 5 mini aliens living in my stomach’ bad. Progress.

And only a weeks until i start the pills for the treatment. I feel calm. Its been such a long build up so now im just happy its finally happening. The weekend will be quiet and next week im going to the hairdressers, its the bookclub on wednesday and on thursday im taking Katta to her bday gift. A pottery class where we can pretend to be Demi and Patrick (im sure the teacher have never heard that one before…)

Its kind of nice being on the absolute minimum. No drinking, very little socialising and even if work is still 100% i have got the ok from both HR and my manager that they want to support me in this. So when i need the break ill take it. My life is a lot of TV, eating and sleeping. Like George said ‘you are one of the most lazy and least lazy people i know at the same time’. And its true. I can vegetate like no one else but when things need to be done i do them quick snap. And i walk 100k steps a week. I see myself as a soldier, chill when i can.

When i was working from home on Tuesday after the GP i finally decided to do the temporary tattoo George got us. It stays on for about 3 weeks.

W was not impressed. Well, you should be happy little guy since its a paw print for you.

I promise mum and dad, its just temporary. Im not getting a tattoo.

I just cant with all these cherry blossoms. London is truly spectacular in spring. The magnolias and blossoms make west london into a fairytale.

On less happy news, i lost my card and someone had a free for all shopping spree in the W12 mall. Spent £150 on the under £30 tap you dont need a code for.

However, hsbc was amazing and refunded me the entire amount when i called them and told them the card was lost and it was not me spending the money. That is ace customer service. So im deciding to think it was a struggling mum who used my card to feed her family.

Today i get to get shout outs to everyone in my team getting a promotion. Best of days.

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