Dad, im going to start off by saying that NO this is NOT a real tattoo and im not planning on getting one soon. So you can stop the panic.

So, with that out of the way we can talk normal things. Its friday, its sunny and im currently eating a apple crumble cake. The best thing about the pre treament times is that the recommendation is to chill and eat. Sweet, i can do that.

Its 5 days until i start the medication and feeling a bit nervous and quite calm at the same time. Im watching New Amsterdam (awesome show) and get all weepy from the emotions. Its like im hibernating. Garden times this weekend. Tossing brunch at white house with Lollo or if im just going for the minimal social times. Am i allowed to be tired before this has even started?

Anyways, my mini fake tattoo. A woolly paw.

It stays on for about 3 weeks so wont be there for bikini times. I am finding it kind of cute though.

Finally got myself a standing desk at work. No one else was going to do it for me so did it for myself. Its awesome. Only £30 and means my back and neck gets a bit of a break from screen time.

And flowers. Always flowers.

Had a long talk with Sanna yesterday about her wedding. Its going to be so much fun. And im dreaming of start planning our but until we know about the baby nothing will happen, cant do everything at the same time.

Have an awesome weekend all of you.

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